Warehouse & Fulfillment

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Our warehouse network, which spans across the US and around the world, has an abundance of space. Our warehousing and fulfillment operations leverage key systems and processes for optimal efficiency.

  • Kitting — Our process-driven kitting operations enable us to assemble thousands of kits annually across our warehousing network
  • Consolidation — We consolidate several container shipments annually providing our partners with continuous program and freight savings
  • Store Profiling — Our comprehensive store profiling system drives store-specific production, kitting, ordering and shipping
  • Distribution — Our distribution centers deliver to hundreds of end locations


Our fulfillment and distribution philosophy can be described in just three words: efficient, accurate and responsive.

Premier Global Promotions Inc. operates with optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness. We strive for 100% accuracy and we work diligently to provide exceptional order process timelines and customer service. We recognize that the accuracy of our fulfillment and distribution directly impacts our customers’ success.

As part of our fulfillment service, we offer kit assembly services, which include packaging as well as drop shipping any combination of products you can imagine. Our experts in program implementation take the anxiety out of the fulfillment process.

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